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Our goal is to keep any driving violation off your record! We handle many courts in and around San Antonio and Bexar County! Contact us now for fees & details.

Our goal is to keep driving violations off of your record! We handle many courts in and around San Antonio and Bexar County. Contact us now for a free consultation and to learn about fees for legal representation.

Talamantez & Volkman can help drivers like you in San Antonio and Bexar County in the following ways plus more:

Here's how Talamantez & Volkman helps San Antonio & Bexar County drivers like you!

  • Got a traffic ticket?

    Have you been handed a hefty ticket for an alleged traffic violation? If you were to pay it right away, it would be equivalent to admitting guilt. A traffic conviction means you could automatically have costly points added to your driver record, be penalized with suspension of your driver’s license, face steep increases to your insurance premiums that could cost you hundreds more annually, and worse. If these outcomes have no appeal, contact us today. We are here to help.

  • Commercial speeding ticket?

    Are you tempted to simply pay the fine for your traffic citation and get on with your life? This might be a huge mistake because the consequences of a traffic conviction could be far more costly than you realize. There is a point system in Texas, and accumulated points can mean a suspended license. As a commercial driver, you have a lot to lose. Your first step should be to contact experienced local traffic attorneys Talamentez & Volkman to review your case without delay.

  • Qualify for an occupational license?

    Has your driver’s license been suspended? The public transportation systems across Texas are lacking. Having to rely on others or San Antonio public transportation to get to work, school, or for household responsibilities, such as grocery shopping, can be extremely frustrating. It’s possible that you qualify for an “essential need” or occupational driver’s license that is good for up to two years.

  • Is your driver’s license suspended?

    Losing your driving privileges may seem like the end of the world, with our roadway systems in Texas designed for individual drivers, but you may have options. Depending on the circumstances, a skilled attorney at Talamentez & Volkman could get your suspension reduced, probated, or even dismissed. Contact us today and possibly get your license – and your life – back. Initial consultation is free.