Bexar County Traffic Ticket

Bexar County Traffic Ticket

Bexar County traffic ticket woes? At Talamantez & Volkman Attorneys At Law, we help clients avoid negative consequences of traffic citations. Rather than plead guilty or no contest to a Bexar County traffic ticket, call us at 210-349-6000 for legal assistance. By going to court for you, we may be able to obtain a dismissal or make arrangements to keep a traffic conviction from showing up on your driving record. The negative consequences of traffic tickets can include higher insurance costs, suspension of your driver’s license, and a warrant issued for your arrest. The most common reason warrants are issued in association with traffic citations is that drivers ignore or forget about their tickets. No Bexar County traffic ticket is simply going to go away or automatically resolve itself. This approach of ignoring a citation only results in further fees, much higher overall costs, and possibly an arrest.

Traffic warrant resulting from a Bexar County traffic ticket

Many motorists in Texas are driving as usual, unaware that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. Anyone who realizes that a traffic ticket was completely overlooked or intentionally ignored for months or more should also know that a warrant is likely hanging over their head. There are several websites that allow you to do a search and determine whether you have an outstanding Texas warrant for a Bexar County traffic ticket. If there is a warrant issued for your arrest, contact us at Talamantez & Volkman Attorneys At Law  without hesitation for legal advice.

Bench warrant

Anytime you receive a traffic citation in Texas, there is a court date included on the paperwork. The ticket must be addressed in one of the appropriate ways. Otherwise, there is a very good chance that a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you get to that point, there are two solutions that remain. You can either resolve the Bexar County traffic ticket or serve time in jail. For most people, ticket resolution is better than spending time behind bars.

Beware the Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Most people recognize that police officers and other law enforcement officials have their hands full tracking down criminals and bringing justice to those who pose the greatest threat to society. Many also get the idea that outstanding Bexar County tickets are so low on the priority list, they can get away with ignoring traffic citations. That is a common error.

The fact is that in the Lone Star State, there is a Great Texas Warrant Round-Up every year. More than 300 Texas law enforcement jurisdictions are part of the effort, which begins in springtime.

As part of the roundup, a grace period is extended to motorists with outstanding Bexar County traffic tickets, in areas that participate. Just before the beginning of the Great Texas Warrant Round-Up, drivers can resolve their warrant-related issues without additional repercussions or penalties. It’s important to take advantage of the grace period. Once the roundup commences, the effort to arrest drivers for outstanding warrants goes into full effect.

Contact us at Talamantez & Volkman Attorneys At Law  if you have an outstanding warrant. We have many years of experience handling issues related to traffic citations, license suspensions, and bench warrants. You may need to simply pay court fees as well as fines related to the warrant issued for your arrest.

Thousands of Texans can attest to the fact that the Great Texas Warrant Round-Up results in embarrassing arrests. Police officers may arrest you at work, at school, or while you’re at home, where neighbors may be watching. You could lose your job as a result of an arrest.

There is no need to go through traffic ticket troubles alone. Contact Talamantez & Volkman Attorneys At Law at 210-349-6000  today for legal representation in connection with your Bexar County traffic ticket.