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Traffic Ticket Attorney San Antonio TX, Bexar County, and Surrounding Areas


Traffic ticket attorney San Antonio TX needed? If you were recently pulled over for an alleged traffic violation, simply paying the citation may be a lot more expensive than you realize. When you pay the fees associated with a traffic ticket, you are admitting guilt. Rather than plead no contest or guilty to an alleged traffic violation, it’s much better to hire us, experienced traffic ticket attorneys in San Antonio TX.

Traffic convictions have negative consequences. Insurance rates can go up significantly, costing you hundreds more in auto insurance premiums every year. There is also a point system in Texas that is tied to your driver’s license and traffic violations. Two points are assigned to your driver’s license when you are convicted of a moving violation in Texas. When a collision is involved, 3 points are added, as another example. The points stay on your record for various periods of time. Once 6 points accumulate, you face expensive annual surcharges. These mandatory fees owed to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are reason enough to hire a traffic ticket attorney in San Antonio TX, for anyone interested in cutting costs.


The experienced traffic ticket attorneys in San Antonio TX at Talamantez & Volkman have handled thousands of alleged traffic violations. We have helped countless drivers avoid court appearances, erase their tickets, and keep their driving records clean. We may be able to help you get off the hook, too. We are experts in every kind of traffic violation case, including:

  • Speeding
  • Uninsured driver
  • Stop sign/red light infraction
  • Construction zone violations
  • Suspended driver’s license or registration
  • DUI

There are some traffic violations that automatically result in suspension of your driver’s license. Why plead guilty to any type of serious traffic violation when our experienced traffic ticket attorneys in San Antonio TX may be able to get the allegations dismissed?


There are numerous hassles associated with handling traffic tickets on your own. From missed work to multiple courthouse visits, costly fines, and higher insurance premiums, there are plenty of reasons to hire us, skilled traffic ticket attorneys in San Antonio TX. It is absolutely FREE to find out how Talamantez & Volkman can help. The following are the types of things we do in the fight to keep a traffic citation off of your driver record.

  • Due to our experience, we are able to find loopholes that others won’t see. If there is an error on your ticket, it could be dismissed for that reason alone. We know all of the technicalities associated with traffic citations, and we use that knowledge for the benefit of our clients.
  • Sometimes negotiation is needed, when you are unable to fully escape responsibility for a traffic violation. With the help of Talamantez & Volkman, it’s possible that you could pay a lower fine or face reduced charges. When loss of driving privileges hangs in the balance, an attorney who is experienced in negotiations is invaluable.
  • Prosecutors in traffic courts are typically unintimidated by citizens who represent themselves. When represented by a traffic ticket attorney in San Antonio TX, however, the chance that you will be bullied and face the harshest penalties is greatly reduced.

Do yourself a favor and call us right now at (210) 349-6000 or fill out the request information form. It takes just a minute of your time and yet can save you hundreds. We will contact you within one business day to let you know how we can help you, as your traffic ticket attorney San Antonio TX.