Occupational License Lawyer Bexar County

Occupational License Lawyer Bexar County

Occupational License Lawyer Bexar County, San Antonio, and Surrounding Areas


Occupational license lawyer Bexar County may help you have driving privileges restored, if you have a suspended license. Why continue relying on family members, friends, and the local public transportation system? With the help of an experienced occupational license lawyer in Bexar County at Talamantez & Volkman, your day-to-day frustrations could soon be over.

It is possible that you could qualify for an occupational driver’s license (ODL), also called an essential need license. With an ODL, you could legally drive to and from school or work. An ODL also allows you to drive for purposes of handling household responsibilities. The category of household duties encompasses activities such as bringing children to school, going grocery shopping, and transporting family members to doctor and dentist appointments. At Talamantez & Volkman, we understand that it can even threaten your livelihood, when you aren’t able to drive. If our occupational license lawyers in Bexar County find that you qualify, we could help you obtain an ODL. Driving is restricted to 12 hours per day six days per week, and you cannot operate a commercial vehicle.

Some of the instances which do not qualify to receive an essential need license include:

  • If you are seeking an ODL for purposes of driving a commercial vehicle
  • If you lost driving privileges for medical reasons
  • If child support delinquency was the reason your license was suspended.

For other reasons that result in a suspended driver’s license, contact our skilled occupational license lawyers in Bexar County for help pursuing an ODL.


The chances that you qualify for an ODL may be very high. Our occupational license lawyers in Bexar County can save you from the potential frustration of navigating the justice system yourself, in pursuit of a restricted license. Our team at Talamantez & Volkman can ensure that you end your dependence on others for transportation once and for all, if you qualify.

Our skilled team of experts will do all the work for you. The steps involved with securing your occupational driver’s license, include:

  • Determining your eligibility by reviewing your case. You can get this service free of charge. Learn more below.
  • Petitioning the appropriate court.
  • Filing all court documents and fees.
  • Making an appearance before the Court, to get an occupational license approved and granted.
  • Giving you the information that’s necessary to submit the court order for an occupational driver’s license to the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Discovering whether you are eligible for an occupational license can be quick and hassle-free. On top of that, you can find out FREE OF CHARGE about your eligibility for an essential need license. Call us at (210) 349-6000, to schedule your free appointment. You can also fill out the request information form on this page, and we will call you within one business day to set up your free consultation with an occupational license lawyer in Bexar County.

When you visit the offices of Talamantez & Volkman, our San Antonio-based suspended-license attorneys will review all the details about your case to determine your eligibility, free of charge. You could quickly be on track for obtaining your occupational license and getting back behind the wheel.

Put an end to your dependence on others for transportation. Call us or complete the form on this page to find out if you qualify for an ODL. It should take just a minute of your time, to get the process started. If you are eligible, an occupational license lawyer Bexar County at Talamantez & Volkman will do everything required to put you back in the driver’s seat.