Traffic Warrants Attorney San Antonio

Traffic Warrants Attorney San Antonio

Traffic warrants attorney San Antonio Talamantez & Volkman, at 210-349-6000, can help if you have traffic warrants. It is not unusual for traffic citations to be accidentally or intentionally ignored. Even when it’s an innocent mistake, the result of failing to respond appropriately could be that a warrant for your arrest is issued. It can be terribly embarrassing to be arrested, whether you are picked up at home or at your place of employment. If you miss work as a result of being put behind bars, you could even lose your job. The best thing to do if there are warrants out against you is to contact Talamantez & Volkman for an experienced traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio.

Don’t Fall for the Myths about Traffic Warrants

With all of the crime in our communities, many motorists mistakenly believe law enforcement officials are not concerned with outstanding traffic citations and warrants. This is actually a prevalent myth, but any traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio can tell you it is a false assumption. The following are a few things you should know about traffic warrants:

  • Warrants follow you wherever you may be stopped for a traffic violation. A warrant for your arrest that results from parking tickets in San Antonio can get you arrested anywhere in Bexar County and throughout the state.
  • If you think no one will bother to find you, expect to be looking for a traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio come springtime of any given year. There is an annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup during which time research is done ahead of time and thousands of drivers are arrested for outstanding traffic warrants.
  • Warrants do not expire after a year. In fact, warrants never expire.
  • A common misunderstanding that can lead to the need for a skilled traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio is that mere traffic violations can’t lead to an arrest. Simply failing to show up for a traffic-related court date is enough to get you arrested.
  • If lack of funds is the reason you are avoiding dealing with traffic citations, you may be facing a very rude awakening as well as the need for an experienced traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio. Costs pile on even more when you use evasion tactics rather than dealing with tickets in a timely manner.

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Preceding the Great Texas Warrant Roundup in spring of each year, there is a special grace period. Drivers with outstanding traffic warrants can take care of their tickets with no additional fees in the days preceding a warrant roundup. Part of the grace period is that you can handle your outstanding tickets without fear of being arrested. You may need the help of a traffic lawyer to clear your name. The sooner you take care of traffic citations, the better.

Contact Talamantez & Volkman, traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio, if you discover there is a warrant out for your arrest and the roundup is in full swing. During this concentrated effort, jurisdictions throughout the state make arrests in an attempt to collect on debts owed on outstanding warrants, including traffic warrants. During the Texas Warrant Roundup, your vehicle registration can have a hold placed on it that won’t go away until the warrant is resolved.

The police are specially equipped with license plate scanning devices in their cruisers. It’s simple to check a plate and find out whether the driver is on the warrant list.

Call Talamantez & Volkman at 210-349-6000. Your traffic warrants attorney in San Antonio can help you post a bond that suspends your arrest warrant.