Traffic Warrants Lawyer San Antonio

Traffic Warrants Lawyer San Antonio

Traffic warrants lawyer San Antonio Talamantez & Volkman can be reached at 210-349-6000 to provide legal assistance with any type of traffic citation or warrant. Unsuspecting drivers in Texas frequently have traffic warrants issued against them. Whether drivers forget to show up to court at the time specified on their traffic citation or forget to pay the fine, the outcome is usually the same: a traffic warrant is issued. Law enforcement officials in Texas take traffic citations seriously. The penalties for failing to take care of a ticket in a timely manner can include arrest and driver’s license suspension. Talamantez & Volkman, traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio, can help to ensure that you are able to sustain driving privileges and avoid being arrested.

Failure to Appear Warrants and Capias Warrants

In Texas, there are two types of traffic warrants for which you may decide to hire an experienced traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio. First, there is the failure-to-appear (FTA) warrant. If you have a traffic citation issued against you and then fail to either appear in court on the required date or to pay the related fines, an FTA warrant is issued against you. Once an FTA warrant has been issued, if you get pulled over by a law enforcement official for any reason, you could be arrested. You will immediately be taken to jail, in most cases.

If you are not compliant with a court’s original orders, a capias warrant could be issued against you. If this happens, you will want representation of a traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio. A capias warrant is issued so that an individual will be arrested and detained specifically for the purpose of guaranteeing an appearance in court. Without the assistance of a qualified attorney, your only options are to pay the fines and penalties or spend time in jail, when a capias warrant has been issued against you.

Resolving Traffic Warrants

Contact a traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio for help resolving outstanding traffic warrants. One thing an attorney may be able to do for you is pay a bond that keeps you from having to be arrested. A traffic warrant in Texas can be resolved when the accused pleads no contest or guilty to charges against them. There are negative consequences to this course of action, however. For instance, points can be added to your driver record; if they accumulate, the points can automatically result in driver’s license suspension. You may also end up with much higher auto liability insurance rates, fees, and costly surcharges that continue to be assessed against you for years.

Your traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio may advise you to plead not guilty to traffic citations and at the same time post a bond. When you post a bond, you are no longer under the threat of being arrested. It is important, however, that the steps involved with contesting a ticket’s validity be followed through on in a timely manner.

Great Texas Traffic Roundup

Many motorists in Texas mistakenly believe police officers are not interested in their paltry traffic citations. That is a false assumption, however, and can quickly lead to the need of a traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio. Every year, in springtime, approximately 300 jurisdictions in Texas make a massive effort to collect on traffic dues owed. Thousands of arrests are made on traffic warrants. Preceding the roundup, there is a grace period in which fees and penalties can be paid without worrying about being arrested. Once the roundup begins however, it’s tough to escape arrest for unresolved traffic citations.

Contact Talamantez & Volkman today, your traffic warrants lawyer in San Antonio, for help with outstanding warrants and all matters related to traffic tickets.